Filters for Tanks or Pumps

Highly Efficient Fuel Filters for Tanks & Pumps

Fuel filters are needed to keep fuel as clean as possible. Equipco’s range of efficient particulate filters in Australia can reliably remove dirt and more from your fuel to keep vehicles and machinery functioning at full capacity. Whether you need a diesel fuel filter or a hi flow fuel filter for a petrol tank, you can rely on Equipco to have what you need.

Maximum Filter, Maximum Capacity

It pays to understand the difference a high-quality fuel filter can make to your engine performance, whether it’s a diesel fuel filter or a filter for any other type of fuel. A poor quality filter will struggle to hold back the dirt particles present in fuel, causing the system to become clogged up more quickly and disturbing the combustion process. By contrast, our high-quality inline diesel fuel filter range is designed to keep your engine in good working order by removing particles from the fuel to minimise corrosion damage and maximise engine output. Their long lasting nature means you won’t have to change them as regularly as lower quality filters, saving you time and money in the long run.

With a range that includes diesel particulate filters, bio-diesel filters, bulk fuel filter solutions and more, you’re sure to find the filter you need within our online selection.

Affordable Cim-Tek Dispenser Filters

Equipco stocks a range of affordable Cim Tek dispenser filters for you to make use of, including phase separation filters, water removal filters, and particulate removal filters. Discover our fantastic range today to find the perfect petrol or diesel fuel filter for your application.

Filter Features

All of our dispenser filters in Australia come with a silkscreen imprint to keep each unit protected from weathering and fluid spills. They also feature a heavy duty steel core for extra strength, with no plastic components. Our phase separation filter comes with a high-performance microglass media and sensitive absorbent for protection from phase-separation, increasing the overall dirt-holding capacity of the unit. Meanwhile, our water removal filters contain a highly efficient hydrosorb media and absorbent that detects water and removes particulates, giving it three times the dirt-holding capacity of most cellulose filters. With such a reliable list of quality features, you can trust our Cim-Tek filtration systems to keep any engine as clean as possible.

EFHD Series Filters

The answer to gravity flow or pump applications with bulk fuel storage tanks in many industrial applications, the EFHD series filters enable flows up to 300 LPM with a Working Pressure maximum of 50 PSI. Designed to mount on large storage tanks or pumps, the connections allow for maximum flow without restriction. The steel canister element is easy and economical to replace, with a large surface area for maximum efficiency. Suitable for diesel and unleaded petrol, with specialised filters for ethanol blends in Australia up to E15 and Biodiesel up to B20.

The 200S series filters enable flows up to 134 LPM with a Working Pressure maximum of 50 PSI. Designed to mount on a large overhead storage tank or pump, the 1” connections allow for maximum flow. The steel canister element is easy and economical to replace. The water drain tap model enables trapped water and other contaminants to be easily removed. Don’t take the risk of possible scale, rust or other particles in your fuel. Protect your valuable investments now and install a 200S series hi flow fuel filter.