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Innovative Solutions For Fuel Management

Fuel Security, Management & Reporting - Local Support - Installation Made Easy
With over 15,000 outside terminals in operation around the globe, GIR has to be the most trusted fuel and fleet management system.

From the outset in France in 1978, GIR has kept ahead of the IT age and offers features far beyond what is conventionally available to the transport industry currently. The GIR hardware has also had some serious thought put into it. Years of listening to their clients’ needs has brought with it an outdoor terminal box second to none. Inside the beautifully finished, robust enclosure is a unique modular system with all components DIN rail mounted. The GIR outside terminal can facilitate up to 16 pump modules off the one terminal!

GIR level integration with alerts

The other really nice thing about the GIR system is that it can easily integrate with most tank level gauges. Equipco sell the TG2-PRO or TG5-ELITE Level Gauges. These gauges have a read out at the tank, but more importantly integrates with the GIR terminal allowing live tank level to appear on the website. The added handy tank alerts feature allows you to send email alerts to yourself or even to your fuel supplier, notifying them that they need to come fill the fuel tank. These alerts and levels at which the alerts are triggered are fully customisable. Very handy!!

Features & Benefits

Fuel Security, Management & Reporting - Local Support - Installation Made Easy
Fuel Management (FMS)

Web-connected by 4G. Real time data. Includes 4G modem. SIM card needs to be Telstra and client to supply with prepaid data package. One pump operation as standard.

Pump Motor

Includes 240V pump motor contactor and overload to be wired by your electrician (please specify pump motor amp rating when ordering).

Vehicles/Users/Transaction Memory

W150: 3000 users/3000 vehicles/2500 offline transaction memory

Authorization Tag Operation

Secure contactless technology, RFID tag. Option of magnetic card (fuel card) and barcode authorization at extra cost

Tags per unit

Standard issue is twenty (20). Additional tags are supplied packs of ten (10).

Vehicle Odometer

Vehicle odometer can be entered

Accessing Data

All transaction data including tank levels can be accessed instantly online and from PC, tablet or mobile anywhere & anytime. Search for “GIR W150” in the App Store.

Transaction Data

Who uses the fuel, where it is used, and what it is used on. Complete records of all transaction data in real time


Assets, projects and contractors can be segregated and grouped.


Reports can be set up to include time periods, transactions and quarterly or annual totals


Override function that will prevent the pump from operating if incorrect odometer figure is entered.

On-road & off-road filter

Filter automatically for tax rebates


Only programmed and dedicated users can activate the fuel supply.

Level Gauge

High accuracy TG5 electronic level gauge with local digital display, interfaced with Professional fuel management system. See tank levels on the same web page as fuel management data

FMS Programming

Programming of vehicles & operators is entered prior to the FMS unit being dispatched.


Includes initial remote set up and initial training only.

No Fees

There are no on-going fees. Cloud based W150 software with twenty four month hosting, free updates, backups, server patches and ability to view from your web browser anywhere you have connection.

Software Features & Benefits

Fuel Security, Management & Reporting - Local Support - Installation Made Easy
Easy To Read Format

Vehicles - Drivers - Fuel Distributions - Supervision

Secure control

One card or tag for each vehicle or company asset. Transactions can only be made by its own dedicated card or tag.

Instant Access To Check Tank Levels

Auto tank gauge interfaced with GIR Professional

Track & Monitoring

Fuel transactions as they happen. Operator & vehicle usage.

Groups and Departments

Segregate your fuel usage for cost analysis and reporting contractors and entities. Group projects, contractors and entities. Endless report options

W150 & W250 Software

Cloud based data transfer - No PC Software needed
Precision delivery monitoring with transaction log. Reporting by driver, vehicle, product, site,

The GIR terminal can transfer data by means of GSM Modem or WiFi or direct CAT5 Ethernet cable. This means data is always live when logged onto the W150 website or on the GIR 150 App. This enables administration offices in other parts of the country to monitor and oversee the fuel management system. If the terminal were to be installed on a vehicle (12 Volt system) and the vehicle travels outside of GSM coverage, the information would at this point not be available until the vehicle returns to and area of GSM coverage. With this Cloud system, data can be synchronized via WiFi (confirm your WiFi range) to your wireless modem and set up to communicate with cloud based system. Make sure to order the WiFi module upgrade if WiFi communication is required.

Make It Easy To Manage Your Fuel Usage

Doesn’t matter what your fuel usage is! Code: GIR-1PTRECO
Track Your Fleet Consumption

Who delivered fuel and when. How much fuel was delivered and how much it cost Which tank received the delivery.

Accurate Tank Levels

Measure Fuel in Storage Measure as volume, level and %. Read tank levels from your phone, tablet or PC..

Control Dispensing Of Fuel

Control who can pump fuel. Measure fuel dispensed into vehicle and machinery.Tag and pin code control for security. Odometer or hour prompt.

Report To Improve Productivity

Peace of mind reporting cover all aspects of who, when and where fuel went. Real time reporting on phone, tablet or PC. Report by driver, vehicle, liquid type and site. Record vehicle odometer or hours. Set alerts and warnings by email. Management control over how much fuel can be dispensed per vehicle/user.

Customer Testimonials

Integrity, Training, Compliance, Partnership

I wanted to give you some statistical feedback on the savings our business has made since we invested in the Equipco Bulk Fuel System. Previously our purchasing strength was limited to a maximum of 9000lts at any one order. Since the installment of your 30,000lts system, our purchasing strength has increased to 39,000lts. This has given our business an increased buying power that has translated to an average saving of 9 cents per litre when ordering fuel. In four months of operating this has fed back savings in excess of $7000.00 from fuel purchases to our business. By my calculations the investment will have paid for itself within 5 years of operating. As a relatively small transport company it was a big investment, but it has been worthwhile as you can see. The continued technical support that you have given throughout this time has also been a great reassurance.