Fuel pumps

Highly Efficient Fuel Transfer Pumps for Diesel, Petrol, Oils or AdBlue

Transfer fuel quickly and smoothly with Equipco’s diesel fuel, petrol, oil and AdBlue industrial fuel transfer pumps. Our range of fuel pumps in Australia includes options utilising state-of-the-art technology, giving you the power to manage the flow of your fuels, oils or AdBlue in the most reliable way for your business. Enquire with our specialists to find out more about our fuel pumps for sale, or shop online today to buy what you need.

Explore Our Range of Fuel Pumps in Australia

Innovation keeps Equipco's range of fuel and diesel transfer pumps for sale up-to-date with the latest technology requirements. Simply select your flow requirements or operational needs, then browse our range to discover a diesel, petrol, oil or AdBlue pump to suit.

Within our range, you’ll find:

As leading suppliers and distributors, we also have a large 12 volt fuel transfer pump range that include options with various features such as bypass valves, rotating drum connectors, automatic shut off nozzles with swivels, and much more. These features are all part of our commitment to ensuring you get the best fuel dispenser pump or transfer pump for your specific application.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Types of Fuel Pumps Are Available?

Equipco can provide you with electric pumps, air operated pumps, hand/manual pumps, engine driven pumps, and gear pumps, among others. If you need help finding a specific type of fuel transfer or fuel dispenser pump, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experts.

Which Fuels Can Equipco Provide Pumps for?

Our range includes fuel transfer pumps for a wide range of liquid fuel types, including petrol, diesel, AdBlue and oil.

What’s the Difference Between Manual and Electric Pumps?

The main difference between manual and electric fuel transfer pumps is how they’re powered. Manual pumps are operated by hand, while electric pumps use electricity. Hand pumps are generally designed for transferring small amounts of fuel, and are often available at lower price points compared to electric fuel pumps.

What Type of Pump is Best for Fuel Transfer?

The answer to this question can vary depending on the type of fuel and the volume of fuel required to be transferred. An electric fuel transfer pump is generally considered to be one of the best options for demanding applications, while manual pumps are suitable for smaller jobs.

Can I Place a Bulk Order for Fuel Pumps?

Yes. At Equipco, we enable you to order in bulk so you can save on costs. If you wish to place a bulk order for fuel pumps in Australia, let us know of your requirements and we can provide you with an accurate quote.

View Our Range of Fuel Pumps for Sale Online or Contact Us for Assistance

Whether you’re looking for a 12 volt electric fuel transfer pump or you need an air operated pump, our selection of industrial fuel transfer pumps is sure to have the best option for you. Should you have any questions, our expert team are happy to help – simply call us on 1800 813 182 or enquire online. We can recommend a suitable manual or electric fuel transfer pump to suit your needs.