Fuel Meters

Mechanical & Digital Fuel Flow Meters for Sale

When you work in an environment where fuel flows through pipes and pumps (such as a farm or industrial work site), a digital flow meter is an important piece of equipment. This device measures the flow rate of the fuel passing through the pipes, giving you the information you need to determine flow rate and Litres delivered. Equipco can help you find the right digital or mechanical fuel flow meter for your needs among our extensive range.

Points to Consider When Buying a Fuel Meter

Fuel flow meters are not universal in nature; a diesel flow meter will be different to a high flow fuel meter that is specifically designed for use with petrol or oil. When you purchase an electronic or digital flow meter, you need to consider various factors including:

  • What liquid will you be measuring?
  • What is the minimum and maximum flow rate / process pressure / process temperature?
  • What is the viscosity of the liquid (if not water)?
  • What type of output signal or readout is required?

With these questions in mind, you’ll be able to determine the right fuel flow meter for your needs. Equipco delivers Australia wide through our network of resellers, so browse our range and make your purchase today.