Diesel Fuel filters for tanks or Pumps

The Equipco range includes no shortage of bulk tank fuel filters suitable for all blends of diesel fuel.With flows from 67 LPM with water drain trap up to 300 LPM with our high flow range, we can provide the anti-clog filter you need with single or dual filter elements. We also offer replacements for filters and elements. With micron rated sizes from 30 down to 2 micron, and water absorbing media also available, there’s sure to be a diesel fuel filter in our range to suit your industrial application.

Diesel Filters from Leading Brands

Our range of filters for bulk diesel fuel transfer contains quality options for removal of sediment, scale, rust, water and other particulate matter from diesel fuel. We’re proud to stock options from leading brands from across the globe, including Cim Tek and Bio Tek.

The diesel filters in the Cim Tek range offer everything you need to keep your equipment efficient and in top working condition. Choose from the popular 200 series Cim Tek filters with water drain tap, allowing for removal of sediment and water to help extend the working life of your filter element. All Cim Tek diesel fuel filters are manufactured in the USA for quality and peace of mind.

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Whether you’re looking for a water separator diesel filter or a 2 micron filter, you can trust Equipco to have what you need. Call our team today to request a quote or find out more about our diesel fuel filter range available across Australia.