Hand Crank Hose reels

Hand Crank Hose Reels

At Equipco, we can provide high-quality hand crank fuel hose reels for clients involved in contractor and service truck applications. Our extensive experience and highly regarded workmanship help us to deliver the best and most innovative fuel handling solutions in Australia. Whether you're looking for low-profile or heavy-duty options, our highly trained experts can help you with all your hand crank fuel hose reel needs.

Industry Leading Features

Constructed using the highest quality materials, our range of Cox hose reels are designed for use with either oil or diesel fuel and are capable of dealing with pressure levels up to 3,000 PSI. They feature sturdy A-Frame bases to handle large weights without reducing performance, drum lock brakes, viton seals, permanent lubrication for smooth rotation, and more. We also offer heavy duty options for bulk fuel delivery which feature chassis mounting brackets. Browse our range today and contact Equipco to place an order for a hand crank fuel hose reel.