Diesel pumps

Diesel Transfer Pumps from Leading Manufacturers

Equipco has the largest range of diesel pumps available for purchase from the world’s most reputable manufacturers. Our range of diesel pumps includes brands like Fillrite, Graco, Ebsray, Franklin, Piusi, Meclube and Equipco – all synonymous with diesel fuel transfer. We have 12 volt, 24 volt, 240 volt, 3 phase electric, engine driven and air operated pumps all suitable and designed for diesel transfer applications. Whether you need a diesel pump kit or a hand operated diesel pump, you’re sure to be satisfied by the options we have available.

Leading Suppliers of Diesel Transfer Pumps

Even if you require diesel to be pumped or transferred in a hazardous location, such as on a mine site, industrial factory, building construction or underground tunnelling operation, we have the diesel transfer pumps you need. As leading suppliers, we can assist you in making the right selection for your diesel dispensing application, whether it be a self-priming pump, a manual pump or a centrifugal pump.

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