Remote Tank Monitoring

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Alarm / Control unit with 4 digital inputs.

This Alarm Monitor unit can be operated as stand alone, with up to 4 switch inputs. or the unit can be set-up as a Day Tank Pump Controller, or Sump Tank Pump Controller. IP65 Rated for outdoor use.

Alarm control unit with 4 digital inputs. These can be Normally Open (NO) or Normally Closed (NC)

The enclosures are IP65 rated and are suitable for outdoor use. For Safe area installation, or Zone 2 if suitable barriers are incorporated into the switch input circuits. (T4000-ATEX2)

This Product is either 24vdc or 240vac powered and can be operated as stand alone, with up to 4 switch inputs.

Make your selection to suit your requirements.

Inputs can be from cabled float switches such as B8 (see accessories), or from

Rigid probes such as G1X  series, or from

R4/5 series relays in a T4020 or T5020 or Z5020 Tank Gauge.

The operation can be simple switching and Alarm. Volt free contacts (VFC) rated to 6 Amp 240 vac SPDT (Single Pole Double Throw) relays, set for possibly High High, High, Low , Low or High, Low and Water level, Bund level ? Pump Control is achieved by jumper selection to latch the pump connection output between Low and High.

This results in a simple day tank controller. There is a High High Fail safe circuit available.

One Unit does it all.

Tank systems requiring up to 4 alarm Channels in one easy to configure unit.

1/   4 x level Alarms.   Some examples of uses ...

      High High, Low , Low Low, and Bund                3 x Level Alarms and 1 x Bund, all volt free out.

      High High, High, Low, Low Low                        4 x Level Alarms and Volt free out

      High High,  Pump Stop, Pump Start, Low Low   Fill a Day Tank

      High High, Pump Start, Pump Stop, Low Low    Empty a Sump Tank


Q/   Can this be used to control filling a tank as well as emptying one

A/   Yes. The system can be set for either way round, and has an emergency automatic shut down when High Level is reached on Tank Filling applications

Q/   Can we use any type of level switch input.

A/   Yes, if the switches are "simple aparatus" meaning reed switch or similar . (Not capacitance or resistance)

Q/  Can the system power a pump directly.

A/  No. The T4000 is a switch to operate the power to a pump. You may need to include a contactor in the circuit if the load is more than 6 to 8 amps.