Poly versus steel diesel tanks

Poly versus steel diesel tanks

To everyone who has a diesel tank -don’t be fooled.

The plastic moulders are trying to sell a quick fix cheap solution for all your needs.

Criticising steel tanks – claiming they rust and that plastic is the answer.

The facts are quite different.



Plastic is only approved up to 10,000 litres in Australia in a self-bunded configuration .

The bund must be made of non-combustible material – how they make the bund from plastic is a question.

It must have a minimum separation distance of 15 metres from any building or boundary .

It cannot be used on a construction site.

They are a unproved solution – never stood the test of time- properties all over Australia have steel tanks that have been there well in excess of 20 years.

UV breakdown risk ? – who knows will it last or not ?

Generates condensation in your tank – hence water contamination probability is higher.

Never can be altered modified – can’t add fittings or pipe work successfully .

Don’t take it near any hot objects – like exhaust pipes off engines  or you may do irreparable damage to your tank.

You can only have it the way it comes – no customisation – no corporate colours.

Yes is very light – you can push them around when empty.

Overall a cheap temporary solution for small users on a farm.



Reliable – full standards approval for both petrol and diesel.

Can be made in all shapes and sizes – not just out of a mould.

Sizes from 50 to 100,000 litres for use in all applications.

Easy to move with liftable points – some sizes and designs you can lift when full !

Robust strong – painted in a variety of colours – can easily attach corporate logos and safety signage to tank wall.

Can be positioned in close proximity to buildings and boundaries – refer to AS 1940-2017 for exact separation distances.

Can be used on Construction sites, Mine sites, Industrial or commercial operations – the list goes on.

Sloping floors on many models for easy cleaning and water draw off.

Can be pressure tested if required.

Can repair it or modify if needed - easy and simple- repaint it , clean it – you name it - you can do it!

Multitudes of pumping and dispensing options – not just a few cheap add on pump options to make it work.

Can be supplied as a fire rated option for special requirements.

Supplied with optional platforms and ladders for proper tank dipping and access.

Is more expensive – yes true you  pay for peace of mind with a truly compliant  solution.

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