Automatic Nozzles

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  1. Diesel Nozzle - black cover
    Diesel Nozzle - black cover
  2. Diesel Nozzle - 60LPM max. black cover
    Diesel Nozzle - 60LPM max. black cover
  3. 1
    1" Genuine ZVA25 High flow diesel auto shut off nozzle
  4. 3/4
    3/4" Automatic shut off Adblue nozzle
  5. Unleaded Nozzle - yellow cover
    Unleaded Nozzle - yellow cover
  6. Automatic Nozzle For Underground Coal Mine Use
    Automatic Nozzle For Underground Coal Mine Use
  7. 1
    1" Husky Auto Shut Off Nozzle For Diesel

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Buy Automatic Fuel Nozzles in Australia

In any workplace or industrial environment where there might be a fuel nozzle or multiple nozzles being used, the need for an auto shut off nozzle to prevent potentially hazardous leakages or unauthorised transference of gases, fuels, waters and other liquids could not be more important. When you need an automatic diesel nozzle or an unleaded nozzle with auto-shut off capabilities, you need the range available from Australia’s own Equipco. We pride ourselves on stocking a wide selection of automatic fuel nozzles to meet a variety of fuel handling requirements.

Why Choose Equipco for Auto Fuel Nozzle Products?

Equipco is one of the leading suppliers and distributors of high flow, automatic shut off fuel nozzles for commercial and industrial use, suitable for a range of applications. For over 22 years, we’ve brought effective and innovative solutions to business and industry clients across Australia and the Asia Pacific region. Our auto shut off nozzle range includes no shortage of options from leading brands, including ZVA and Husky.

Browse Our Auto Shut Off Fuel Nozzle Range Today

View our range and shop online today to find the auto shut off fuel nozzle you need. You can also enquire with our specialists before you buy – simply call us on 1800 813 182. Whether you’re looking for more details about a specific auto fuel nozzle we have for sale or you want to get a quote for a bulk order, don’t hesitate to get in contact with the Equipco team today.