Level Gauges

Equipco offers an extensive range of tank level gauges in Australia for fuels, oils, Adblue and other applications. The range below is an outline of some of our available gauge types, including mechanical, digital and cloud based systems available at a reasonable price.

The EMP tank gauge system is a unique fuel tank level gauge with a fuel management pump control system for use with diesel fuel. With a 4 digit pin code, fuel transactions can be tracked and managed via the free website login platform. Tank calibration is simple to provide an accurate report of liquid level at all times.

The ND2 gauge is a unique pressure sensor type system. It comes with a long-life lithium battery and can be used with diesel or petrol tanks. A fuel-link web portal allows easy viewing of your tank levels and reporting as required. This level indicator works with a 3G compatible modem (Sim plan not included).

Tank Gauge Features

  • Tank-level monitoring
  • ATEX, IECEx, UL certified
  • A mechanical gauge for direct reading level measurement
  • Reading on a scale graduated from 0 to 250 cm
  • Suitable for all cylindrical and rectangular tanks from 0 to 250 cm in diameter or height
  • Compatible with diesel and oil

Ultra sonic tank level sensor for tanks up to 3m high with accuracy to 10mm. Ideal remote GSM mounted unit for remotely cost-effective tank monitoring 24/7. Battery powered 3G network. Suitable for diesel, oil and adblue.

  • Accurate, reliable tank level monitoring
  • GPRS/SMS Communication
  • Spot and continuous inventory management
  • Programmable GPRS/SMS reporting interval
  • Programmable Alarms (full alert, empty alert, theft alert, spill alert, threshold alert)
  • Remote configurability
  • Integrated with RMS/SQL Server
  • Simple installation - Screw on design
  • Made in Europe

High level overfill tank alarm to suit diesel, heating oils and biodiesel blends up to B100. Battery operated. Weather proof to IP65.

  • High alarm pitch of 97 db@1 Mt
  • Up to 2 year battery life
  • 5 Mtr cable length

1% Tank gauge kit with high and low audible alarm

  • Suitable for tanks 0.3 Metres to 3.0 Metres high with diesel and 0.3 to 2.5 Metres high with Adblue
  • 24 Volt DC or 100/240 Volt AC supply
  • 1" Tank connection. Level sensor cable is 6 metres

A unique programmable fuel tank level gauge unit with local display. Ability to input a strapping table or calibrate to exact tank dimensions. Outputs: Dependent upon your requirement, the TG5 can provide: Linear 4-20 mA output from nonlinear input. Alarm Functions 4 x Programmable alarm/ trigger set-points, (see outputs). e.g. High Level Local alarm with acknowledge circuit. Enclosure IP65 Fully weatherproof for outdoor use. Cable connections Weatherproof cable glands are provided for power supply and signal inputs. Screw down & plug in Terminal strips are provided within the enclosure Accuracy • +/- 0.25%. Operating Temperature: -5 to +60 DegC Humidity: 5 to 95%

GPRS Web Viewer A unique web programmable Monitor Unit. 240 Volt AC. Any 24vdc 4-20 mA output can be monitored and scaled by this simple monitor. Connects directly to TG2-PRO 1% Tank Gauge TG5-ELITE 1/4% Tank Gauge or any Instrument giving a 4-20 milliamp output signal. Web Features 30 minute logging provides 48 level samples per day. The web site has e-mail trigger set point for re-order as well as a leak / theft *detection monitor. Exception reporting,