Fuel Storage Tanks - know what you need to know !

Fuel Storage Tanks - know what you need to know !

Australian Standards set out the guidelines and regulations to be followed for safe storage and handling of various fuels used with machinery and vehicles.

It is important to know what restraints exist before you buy such an important asset as a fuel storage tank. Cheap is very rarely a good idea as there is often a reason for it - as it will invariably mean that short cuts have been taken.

Did you know that plastic diesel tanks cannot be used on construction sites?  AS 1940-2017 2.2.6. section makes it very clear that you require a fuel storage tank that meets current regulations.

Poly diesel tanks can be used up to maximum capacity of 10,000 Litres but must have minimum separation distance from buildings or boundary fences of 15 Metres. AS 1940-2017 (a & e ). This means that on many sites other than farm land it would be unviable to apply such restrictions of installation. Another point to mention is that the risk of installing a non- compliant fuel storage tank would most likely void any insurance in the unfortunate event of a incident.

Contact Equipco today more advice on your fuel storage requirements. We can provide the correct diesel or petrol  tank for your application and budget and ensure you meet the requirements of applicable storage codes and standards.

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