Safety Equipment

Spill Kits & Safety Signage

There’s nothing more important that maintaining the safety of your employees on your worksite. After all, they shouldn’t have to worry about whether they’re at risk of sustaining an injury. At Equipco, we offer a wide range of safety signage, spill kits, and other safety equipment that will ensure your worksite is safe and your employees can return home safely at the end of the work day.

Our Selection of Products

To maintain the safety standards of your worksite, we offer spill kits in a variety of sizes and styles including durable vinyl bags, large mobile super bins, wheelie bins, boxes, and more. Whether you need an oil spill kit, spill kits for trucks, or a chemical spill kit, you can trust Equipco to provide what you need.

We also offer a selection of safety signage including advisory signs, danger signs, hazchem signs, and mandatory signs. Other safety products we can provide include PVC gloves, eye wash bottles, flameproof torches, and anti-splash goggles.

Improve Worksite Safety Standards Today

Equipco is a leading supplier of high-quality spill kits, safety signage, and other safety equipment. Give us a call or contact us online today to obtain more information or to place an order.