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  1. Turbine electronic AdBlue flow meter
    Turbine electronic AdBlue flow meter
  2. K24A Flow Meter with IECex approval
    K24A Flow Meter with IECex approval
  3. Aluminium 1
    Aluminium 1" BSP Digital Meter
  4. 1/8
    1/8" 100ml-2.5LPM electronic flow meter
  5. 1
    1" BSP electronic meter
  6. 1 1/2
    1 1/2" BSP Electronic Meter

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If you need a digital fuel flow meter to measure substances such as water, diesel, Adblue and other fuel types, come straight to the specialists at Equipco. We can provide you with a digital fuel flow meter with a wide flow range and an easy to read digital screen. Whether you need a meter for diesel, petrol, Adblue or other fuels, you can be sure of an accurate and reliable measurement with one of the excellent electric meters in our range.

Why Choose Equipco for Digital Fuel Meters?

  • Large range of flow meters in Australia for accurate measurement of fuels
  • Flow variations from 6 litres per hour to 1000 litres per minute
  • Digital fuel flow meter options available with inbuilt or remote displays
  • Our Available Digital Display Meter Products
  • Turbine electronic Adblue flow meter
  • BSP digital display diesel meter
  • Aluminium 1” BSP digital meter
  • 100ml-2.5LPM electronic flow meter
  • And more


Enquire with Equipco Today

Not sure which digital fuel flow meter is best, or confused about the flow LPM you need? Contact Equipco today for help selecting the best product for your industry. Whether you’re in fuel distribution, construction, mining, manufacturing, earthmoving, transport, automotive, aviation, or oil and gas, we can help you find the most suitable option to buy for fuel transfer and other applications. Call us now on 1800 813 182 or contact us via online enquiry to request a quote.