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Get the Overhead Petrol Tanks You Need

Overhead petrol tanks are a popular choice for fuel storage, allowing petrol to be stored safely and affordably. If you’re on the lookout for an overhead steel petrol tank for industrial use, Equipco can provide what you need thanks to the quality range of overhead petrol tanks we have for sale. Boasting features such as all steel construction, Hazchem signage for petrol, and an included stand and ladder with platform, we’re proud to stock durable tanks that are second to none. Browse our range today to discover what we have available, or enquire with our specialists for help choosing the right tank for your needs.

Overhead Steel Petrol Tank Capacities

Our overhead tanks for petrol are available in the following capacities:

  • 500 litre
  • 1000 litre
  • 1500 litre
  • 2000 litre
  • 5000 litre

Upgrade Options for Our Overhead Petrol Tanks

In addition to helping you find the right tank for your needs, the leading suppliers and distributors at Equipco can also assist you with upgrade options. We can provide you with the following upgrades for our overhead steel petrol tank range:

  • 1” gravity kit for petrol overhead tank
  • Bottom fill kit with 1 1/4” camlocks
  • Bottom fill kit with 1 1/2" camlocks
  • Bottom fill kit with 2” camlocks
  • Optional drain kit to remove fuel from delivery hose prior to disconnection
  • Sight tube kit

Shop Online Today for the Best Overhead Petrol Tanks

For the highest quality overhead steel petrol tank, look no further than Equipco. View our range online or call us on 1800 813 182 for more information. You can also contact us before you buy to get a quote for a bulk order.