Drum Handling Equipment

Drum Handling Equipment for Transporting & Decanting

Equipco’s drum handling equipment can transport heavy fuel drums safely from one location to another and assist with sealing and decanting. From drum trolleys with pneumatic wheels and heavy duty drum cradles through to drum pallet lifters and more, we have no shortage of drum lifting equipment and other options available. Browse our range of products for fuel drums for sale to find what you need for your industry, or contact our specialists for more information on our drum accessories in Australia.

Sealing Drums for Safe Transportation

It is imperative to ensure that any drums of fuel, oil or liquids are sealed properly for safety before transportation. Spills of flammable liquids are a catastrophe waiting to happen. Equipco stocks a range of drum sealing products such as top covers, wrenches, drum caps and sealing tools. Don’t leave anything to chance. Our range of sealing equipment meets strict industry and Australian standards.

Strong Equipment for Moving Heavy Drums

Fuel and oil drums can be heavy and difficult to manoeuvre. Using our industrial drum lifting and drum transport equipment, you can easily handle the weight, volume and direction of fuel drums. We sell simple drum trolleys consisting of only a base and wheel for lighter drums, while our drum trolleys with floating axles or pneumatic wheels are designed for heavier drum handling.

More precise drum lifters come in the form of our drum pallet truck lifter and heavy duty drum pallet loader, while ratchet straps and drum pallet lifting clamps complete the line of accessories for this range. Whether you need a 44 gallon drum dolly or a heavy duty drum cradle, the leading suppliers and distributors at Equipco have you covered.

Drum Decanting Equipment

Our drum material handling equipment range also offers products for drum decanting, including drum taps to suit a variety of drums. Our drum taps and decanting accessories are all sourced from reputable brands, so you can trust in their quality and performance.

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