Fuel Nozzles

Manual & Automatic Fuel Nozzles

The Equipco fuel nozzle range offers a wide variety of flow rates to meet most applications for auto-shut off refuelling. Each fuel dispenser nozzle we offer for sale comes standard with BSP inlet threads, plus a range of spare parts are available. View our range today to find and buy mining refuelling nozzles, brass nozzles, automatic fuel nozzles, manual nozzles, swivels, breakaways and more.

As leading suppliers and distributors, our selection includes the Husky range of automatic fuel nozzles, designed for ease of use with self-service petrol and diesel bowser installations across Australia. These fuel nozzles are lightweight, easy and convenient to use, with each rugged fuel pump nozzle offering long life and reliable service for your fuel gear operations.

ZVA Slimline Unleaded Automatic Shut Off Nozzle with Inbuilt Check Valve

Specifications of this ZVA fuel nozzle include:

  • Accurate topping off tank to exact amount
  • Integral swivel joint for ease of use. 1” BSPF
  • Fully serviceable with all parts available
  • Working pressure 7.25 - 58 PSI max
  • Up to 50 LPM max flow unleaded ZVAUL
  • Up to 80 LPM max flow ZVADI
  • Made in Germany
  • Compound main valve and bleed poppet offers minimum pressure loss and maximum flow rate
  • NMI/NSC certified for re sale use
  • Pump use only
  • Options on colours of scuff guard for low flow range
  • Splash guard available for low flow range

Equipco manual fuel nozzles are manufactured from cast aluminium with heavy duty design features giving efficient operation. While simple in design, they are serviceable, including interchangeable diesel and unleaded spouts.

Premium Manual Fuel Trigger Nozzle

  • Screw out curved diesel or unleaded petrol spout
  • Smooth quality alloy construction
  • 1" BSP female swivel hose connection
  • Service cap fixed by 4 screws
  • Hold open spring activated lever latch
  • Efficient flow through design

EBW Dual Poppet Nozzle for Demanding Everyday Use with Tanker Delivery Trucks

These rugged nozzles feature Nylafil replaceable lever latch and pin bushing that resist wear at least five times longer than aluminium. Each fuel pump nozzle features sturdy construction, plus replacement wear parts, supplies and service kits are available, giving you peace of mind with your fuel dispenser nozzle purchase.

2” Banlaw Automatic Nozzle for Faster Refuelling of Heavy Equipment

  • 2" New Banlaw lightweight refuelling nozzle with dust plug
  • Flow range 100-800 LPM
  • Inlet 2" NPT female
  • New carry handle design, incorporating stainless steel for added durability
  • Strengthened operating T-handle
  • Measures to further minimise contamination ingress into the rear chamber of the nozzle, particularly the piston bore
  • A new fuel nozzle body, comprising a stainless steel section at the front for increased durability and improved latching onto the mating fuel receiver
  • Serviceable (replaceable) stainless steel bore sleeve in the rear piston chamber
  • Automatic shut off
  • Dependable ball locking mechanism
  • Dry break disconnection minimises leakage
  • Manufactured from metal, not plastic

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