Tank Level Indicators

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  1. 1% Tank gauge kit with high and low audible alarm
    1% Tank gauge kit with high and low audible alarm
  2. Tank gauge kit
    Tank gauge kit
  3. 0.25% accuracy range of ATEX
    0.25% accuracy range of ATEX
  4. Mechanical line leak detector.
    Mechanical line leak detector.
  5. Web logger
    Web logger
  6. Mechanical float gauge
    Mechanical float gauge

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Tank Level Indicators

Equipco supply a range of economical mechanical or digital tank level gauges for both diesel, petrol or Adblue tank applications.

Ensure you select the correct gauge to suit both product and tank type as it is critical to both safe and correct operation.

  • Power supply can be 12/24vdc or 100/240 vac.
  • Power connection M20 with Cable Gland
  • Sensor connection to Gauge M16 Cable Gland.
  • Mounting is through case (screw kit, M4 x 18 mm is included in each kit)
  • The TG2-PRO Tank Gauge comes with the following standard features
  • Backlit digital display giving 1% accuracy
  • High and Low level Audible and Visual Alarms
  • 1" BSPT Tank gland fitting.
  • Local Calibration for most tank shapes
  • 4-20 milliamp output proportional to litres
  • Bund Alarm input circuit (for versions with Sounders)
  • Multi-voltage power supply
  • For out-door use, from -10 degC to + 60 degC.
  • Complies with requirements of BS799

CALIBRATION: This is performed using the front panel keys after selecting the calibration mode switch within the gauge.

Milliamp sensors can also be connected to the TG2-PRO Gauge system as two wire.

TG5-ELITE Tank Gauge Series

  • Accuracy +/- 0.25% or better. Two (2) Year Warranty
  • Litres Display and % Bar and Alarm Status,
  • 4-20 mA output for BMS + Modbus RTU as standard
  • Suitable for any height / shape of Tank.
  • Accuracy +/- 0.25% or better.
  • 4-20 mA output for BMS + Modbus as standard
  • Weatherproof IP65 enclosures
  • Suitable for any height / shape of Tank
  • Alarm Test Functions Two button auto reset operation
  • Single power connection for multi-functions
  • Replaces separate Gauge, High / Low /& Bund Alarms
  • Adjustable Resolution, Adjustable Safe Working Capacity
  • Alarms HIGH / BUND/ LOW / WATER
  • M= Master alarm % Settable provides 110 dB at 1 meter and has a front panel
  • acknowledge button. Test and Mute function supplied as factory standard
  • H = Additional Contact Alarm, such as Low level or Mechanical High Switch (NC)
  • B = BUND Contact Alarm, for mechanical Switch (NC)
  • Additional LED lights or Volt Free Outputs are optional
  • R5 Relay option for volt free contacts. Please order as a separate items.
  • Low Installation & Maintenance Costs

Contact Equipco today for advice and which tank gauge best suits your application.