25mm Camlock - Range
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25mm 1"Male dust plug25mm 1"Male dust plug

Code: AL25DP

25mm 1"Female Camlock – hose tail25mm 1"Female Camlock – hose tail

Code: AL25C

25mm 1"Male Camlock – hose tail25mm 1"Male Camlock – hose tail

Code: AL25E

25mm 1"Female Camlock – BSP Female25mm 1"Female Camlock – BSP Female

Code: AL25D

25mm 1"Male Camlock – BSP female25mm 1"Male Camlock – BSP female

Code: AL25A

25mm 1"Male Camlock - BSP male25mm 1"Male Camlock - BSP male

Code: AL25F

25mm 1"Female dust cap25mm 1"Female dust cap

Code: AL25DC

25mm 1"Female Camlock – BSP male25mm 1"Female Camlock – BSP male

Code: AL25B

25mm Camlock - Range

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