90 LPM Filter element - water block

90 LPM Filter element - water block

When dirt and water in your fuel is a concern, we've got a solution for you. The Equipco EFHD-9010W filter element is perfect for mid to high flow jobs where water, rust, dirt and other sediment could be in your fuel. This unit is rated to absorb water and remove particulates of 10 microns or larger - that's a 100th of a mm, this filter can handle flows of up to 90LPM and pressure up to 50PSI. If this doesn't suit, we have high flow models as well.

Manufactured in the USA by Cimtek, we've been selling these filters for years and they've become a core part of range, trusted by our customers.They have a simple thread on/off design for quick and easy replacement and upgrades. They also always come with a fresh gasket on each replacement element, giving you peace of mind on the assembly sealing.

This filter comes in one main assembly, with replacement elements always available -
EFHD-9010W-25 - 25mm/1" BSP model with mounting bolt holes on the filter head
  • 90LPM
  • 10 micron water block
  • Element number
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More Information
Filter OptionFilter Element Only - water absorbing
Product Length (cm)21
Product Width (cm)21
Product Height (cm) 21

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