Pump Kit and manual nozzle

Pump Kit and manual nozzle


Our standard high flow model in our 12 volt pump range, the Equipco BP80 has been a staple offering of ours for years, well known and trusted by many of our customers. This is our standard high flow model, offering 85LPM free flow before anything is fitted to the discharge. From our own tests, when fitted with a 4mt hose and nozzle, you’ll be expecting a flow of approximately 75 to 80 LPM.

Manufactured in Europe, the sturdy cast iron pump body has a 32mm/1¼” BSP female port on the inlet and a 25mm/1” BSP female port on the outlet. Arrows in the casting also help in identifying the direction of flow. The pump is a self priming rotary vane type, capable of lifting up to 2 mt unassisted. The vane chamber is easily opened and inspected for maintenance as well. As part of the casting, the pump also has an internal bypass valve - this helps to protect the pump and motor in the event of a nozzle shut off where the pump is still running.

Coming standard with 4 metres of cable and clamps and with a fuse and holder as part of the cable, the pump is simple and easy to get running in a large number of installations. With a half hour duty cycle, it’s well equipped for almost all high flow filling applications.

We also carry a range of kits with suction and delivery assemblies to suit.

BP80 12 Volt Pump with cable, clamps and fuse. 85 LPM max free flow.
BP80M 12 Volt Pump with 4 Mtr hose and manual nozzle. 80 LPM flow rate at nozzle.
BP80MA 12 Volt Pump with 4 Mtr hose and auto shut off nozzle. 75 LPM flow rate at the nozzle.
BP80SK 12 Volt high volume pump kit complete with manual nozzle, nozzle holder, 4 Mtr hose and suction for 205 Ltr Drum. 80 LPM at the nozzle.
BP80SKA 12 Volt high volume pump kit complete with auto shut off nozzle, swivel, nozzle holder, 4 Mtr hose and suction for 205 Ltr Drum. 75 LPM at the nozzle.**Bonus**EFHD-9010-25 filter RRP $169.40 with every BP80SKA pump kit only**

    High flow 12V, 80LPM diesel pump
    • European made
    • Cast iron rotary vane pump
    • 85LPM max flow at free discharge
    • 1” BSPF outlet, 1 ¼” BSPF inlet
    • 12V powered motor
    • Self priming
    • Internal pressure relief bypass valve
    • Complete with 4m electrical cable and clamps
    • Fuse and holder
    • 30 minute duty cycle
    • 400 watt
    • 50 AMP
    • 2,900RPM
    • Dimensions: 325mmL x 145mmW x 155mmH – 8.5kg
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    Pump OptionsPump Kit and manual nozzle
    Product Length (cm)47
    Product Width (cm)21
    Product Height (cm) 22

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