2 Micron Hydroglass element - water detecting

2 Micron Hydroglass element - water detecting

When it comes to protecting your plant and equipment from dirty fuel, we’ve got you covered. In our 200S range of filters we have available the 200S-942W - with water absorbing properties and particulate filtration rated to 2 micron (that’s 0.002mm) - it’s perfect for protecting modern equipment, especially common rail diesel gear. Rated for flows up to 94LPM and a max pressure of 50PSI, it’s perfect for mid range filling applications. We’ve got options in higher flows as well if needed.

The 200S series are manufactured in the USA by Cimtek, so you’re guaranteed quality across the entire range. They have a simple thread on/off design for quick and easy replacement and upgrades. They also always come with a fresh gasket on each replacement element, giving you peace of mind on the assembly sealing.

The filter is available in two assemblies, with spare elements always ready to go -
200S-942W-25 - Our most common, 25mm/1” assembly ready to go for most applications.
200S-1342W-40 - A dual element assembly for a bit of a higher flow, rated to 134LPM and with 40mm/1½” inlet and outlet.
  • 94LPM
  • 50 PSI max pressure
  • 2 micron water absorbing element
  • Replacement element for 200S-942W-25
  • Petrol, 100% Biodiesel, diesel/Bio diesel blends up to 20%, ULSD. Hydroglass
200S Fuel Filters
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Product Length (cm)47
Product Width (cm)21
Product Height (cm) 21

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