152 LPM Max Flow. 2 Micron Cimtek Replacement Element

152 LPM Max Flow. 2 Micron Cimtek Replacement Element

When it comes to high flow filtration, you don’t have to look any further than Equipcos EFHD range of filters. Our EFHD-1502 model filter is rated to take out particulates of 2 micron (that’s 0.002mm) or larger, so we recommend this model for high flow filling of common rail equipment. It’s rated to handle flows of up to 150LPM and pressures up to 50psi. It’s not rated to remove water from your fuel however, so if condensation is a concern, we suggest a water blocking pre filter or the alternate EFHD-1502W model.

Manufactured in the USA by Cimtek, we’ve been selling these filters for years and they’ve become a core part of range, trusted by our customers.They have a simple thread on/off design for quick and easy replacement and upgrades. They also always come with a fresh gasket on each replacement element, giving you peace of mind on the assembly sealing.

This filter comes in three main assemblies, with replacement elements always readily available -
EFHD-1502-25 - This is our 25mm/1” BSP assembly for mid to higher flow assemblies.
EFHD-1502-40 - A larger ported assembly - 40mm/1½” BSP for less restriction
EFHD-3002-50 - The biggest of the set with 50mm/2” BSP ports, this uses 2 elements for a maximum flow of 300LPM.
  • 151 LPM max replacement element only to suit EFHD-1502-25, EFHD-1502-40 & EFHD-3002-50.
  • 50 PSI max working pressure
  • 2 micron element. Element No. 70814.
  • Use with diesel, petrol, ULSD , biodiesel use, Ethanol or methanol blends up to 15%. Particulate.

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